January 30, 2009

Blogging With Students

I have been using a WordPress blog, Boston ES Music Room, with my music classes.  We use it to share recordings and have students comment on activities in class.  I started it back in October and it has been a hit with my fourth graders (my oldest group) in particular.  It is difficult to do it often because I only see my students once every six school days for 50 minutes. However, they love getting to visit the blog, make comments, and read their friends comments. So I am going to strive to make it a more important aspect of class every week.

Today we were working with the concept of harmony and we played a simple 4-part harmony arrangement of "Hot Cross Buns".....everyone's favorite recorder song!!! But the kids got a kick out of it and it was actually their idea to record it. I use Audacity, a free audio recorder available from download from SourceForge.net. It is a great program that can convert audio files you create into mp3's and a variety of other formats.  We recorded our short arrangement and then I uploaded it to my school's website.  I linked over to it on our blog.  I also posted an assignment for the students to comment on....."Why do you think learning to play recorder is an important step in becoming a good musician?"  I cannot wait to hear my students' answers on this one!!  It will make for some very good discussion with next week's classes.  

Please check out today's post at Boston ES Music Room!

Photo courtesy of flickr.com - Daveybot

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