March 9, 2009

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Last week 2nd grade was studying the instrument families in the orchestra. My student teacher did a great job of introducing the four families and the instruments that belong to each family. He chose some really cool listening examples from Play Music. Then we worked together to create a listening map for Benjamin Britten's "Young Person's Guide to Orchestra." We made the listening guide interactive by making it a flipchart page for ActivStudio on the interactive white board (Promethean Board). Each student was given a copy of the listening map and a bingo chip (click on the image below for copy of this listening are welcome to use as you choose!). As each family or instrument was featured in "Young Person's Guide," the students would move their chips to the instrument/family they heard. The teacher would show the correct answer on the board after all students responded. It ended up being a fun, challenging, and rewarding listening activity for the students. And it proved to be an effective learning activity as well as an authentic assessment!!

Also, see David French's post on Tanbur Music Education Blogspot called "Orchestra and Opera." He has posted some cool links and resources for Benjamin Britten's "Young Person's Guide."