Sleep App - for Sleep-Deprived Mommy

Anyone who has had a baby knows....sleep is hard to come by and if you're crazy like me, even when you need to rest, you can't! My subconscious makes me think I need to care for my baby, even when she's sound asleep in her room. That would make me start caring for my pillow...yes, pillow! Putting it in the crib, trying to burp it, etc. Yes, totally crazy, I know!!
But thanks to my fabulous iPhone, I now sleep peacefully, without pillow babies! There's a free app for the iPhone called WhiteNoise by TMSoft ( You can play any number of sounds, such as rain, clock ticking, thunder, crickets, fan, to lull you into a happy slumber!
Things I love...
  • you can set it to play your whitenoise as long as you want (10 minutes, 2 hours, 8 hours)
  • you can set it to fade out when the sound stops instead of stopping abruptly
  • you can even make it play a wake-up alarm at the end of its play time (so sleep 8 hours, alarm to wake up)
  • you can pick what sound it uses as white noise and alarm
Way cool! Check it out!


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