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I discovered today in my search for Boomwhackers® resources that The Music Interactive site now has a Boomwhackers® software download.  As of January 2011, you are now required to create a username and password to their download site; however, once I easily did that (just follow the online and email instructions), I downloaded and opened this neat little software.  It looks something like this....

 I have only played around with it briefly, but it seems like it could be a cool tool to use on your whiteboard when starting a Boomwhackers® unit or as a center on student computers.
The cool thing about The Music Interactive's software is that it runs locally, but does not have to be installed.  I will have to play around with it, but I believe you could simply copy the file and save it to each computer you were using.  Pretty neat-o!


  1. Love the post!
    This is great software.

    Have you tried the other apps from themusicinteractive?
    I have a blog post about them here:

    I intend to follow your blog, it is great and I'm sure you will add many more creative posts.

  2. Thanks, wrightstuffmusic! Yes, I have used Staff Wars and Rhythm Blocks a ton in my classroom. They have some great stuff at the MusicInteractive!
    Thanks for reading! I am already following your blog...its great!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Claire. Whether real or virtual, Boomwhackers provide fun, productive, and educational musical experiences for students.


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