Materials Uploaded to

I have been researching the best ways to share my resources with you, my readers - I want you to be able to search for and download resources that meet your needs in the classroom. is a website that allows teachers to upload resources of all file types and anyone can download for free or a nominal fee, set by the author.  Yesterday I uploaded two sets of flashcards as well as the Bowmar Orchestral Library Index from my recent post.  Check out the flashcards....

Rhythm - Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Quarter Rest - PPT slideshow

Pitch - Solfege SOL-MI - Iconic Notation using Stars

My resources are all set to download for free.   I chose to use this service because it is easy to use, not because I want to charge for these downloads!  Continue to check back to My Profile at as I will upload more resources in the future!  


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