Music Video With A Message: Black Eyed Peas Project - Part 3

Using the poetry we wrote in response to listening to "One Tribe" by the Black Eyed Peas, my students and I used GarageBand on our classroom iMac with a Yamaha MIDI keyboard to compose beats and loops and to record our poetry as a rap.  Each of my 6 classes composed a verse to the song.  The images were created and compiled by the same students with our computer lab teacher, selected to convey the message of the song more effectively.  I think it is very well done!
This project was the culminating activity that I presented at our TeAch21 Capstone Expo.  TeaAch 21 is a technology integration program for classroom teachers in my county and the Expo is the annual presentation opportunity for teachers to share how they use technology in their classrooms.  I was extremely proud of our finished product!  One part of our project was to share our product with more than just our classmates.  Since the message of this project is one of unity and peace, we thought it was a good character ed, anti-bullying, love PSA-type video that could be shared in many settings.  Please use and share as you see fit!  Enjoy!


  1. I am reviewing several school districts' web sites for my online master’s class. Your school district does a great job with web sites. I kept clicking until I came to your school. I clicked "Specials", because it sounded special. I clicked music teacher, because two of my children teach music. I feel lucky to have been able to see your project, which was a masterpiece. What memories these students have made thanks to you!


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