Poetry and Peace: Black Eyed Peas Project - Part 2

The development of the Black Eyed Peas Project was an amazing process to witness.  Today I will share with you our process of writing the poetry that became the lyrics to our song.  Below are some of the chart pages we worked with while brainstorming and writing.  (Note:  I do almost everything digitally in my classroom so this was a total departure for me using markers and chart paper...I chose this medium though because we needed to be mobile for when it came time to record our compositions).

I like how you can see our process of editing and revision.  Once we started setting it to a rhythm, we made changes to make it fit into our meter (we were just using simple 4/4 meter with a pretty standard club/dance drum loop in GarageBand).
Coming soon....the finished product!  Stay tuned.....


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