December 5, 2011

Bulletin Board | 12 Days of Christmas

I am not huge on bulletin boards...I'll be honest, I really dislike making them.  So I am always thinking of ways to do something once and then use again (at least for a couple years, before I get tired of it!).
This holiday bulletin board is sure to have your students singing all around the school!  My own version of the 12 Days of Christmas, in original clipart format, is fun, whimsical, and "think"-provoking :)

Click the image to download the PDF (I have charged a small fee for the hours of work I have put into creating this...thanks for your support!).  Simply print the PDF file in color, cut out all the shapes, glue to a green piece of butcher paper or posterboard, LAMINATE! (so you don't have to do this all again), and staple to plain, red bulletin board. Instant fun and cuteness!  
I have not gotten mine laminated yet...our laminator isn't working today.  But I wanted to go ahead and share this file and idea with you before December is over! I will post finished pics when my bulletin board is finally up!  But use your imagination....use these images as you see fit!

NOTE: All images are my own creations (don't you love vector art!) so there are no issues with copyright.  However, please only use this for personal or classroom use.  Please do not copy or redistribute without permission!  Thanks!

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