"Walking in the Air"

My Friday Flashback last week was a review of Raymond Briggs' The Snowman, a truly classic holiday short musical film for all ages.  It was nominated for Best Short Film Oscar award back in 1982.  What makes this film so enchanting, I believe, is the music.  The score was composed by Howard Blake and his piece, "Walking in the Air," has become adored worldwide.  The most magical recording of this piece was by George Winston in 1992 on his album, Forest, which won the 1996 Grammy for Best New Age album!
Last week I was so consumed with this piece playing in my head that I wanted to play it myself on piano. I am no George Winston by any means, but I do love playing.  I did some research and found a digital download of an excerpt of the sheet music by Howard Blake on www.musicnotes.com.  I downloaded it for a small fee, but it was the perfect fix for my obsession with George Winston and The Snowman.  


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