January 20, 2012

100th Day of School Song with PowerPoint

A standard favorite this time of year in my classroom is "One Zero Zero" from Music K-8's Volume 13, No. 3 issue.  If you have never seen this periodical/music magazine, you must check it out here!!
Last year I created a PowerPoint to go along with the song to make it easier for my students to sing.  Today is our 100th day of school in Cherokee County, GA and we have celebrated by singing in each class today, some classes requesting 2 or 3 repeats!  LOL!

The song can also be purchased as a single download for 99 cents from Music K8's KidTunes site www.musick8kids.com


  1. Hi, Claire! This is Angi from Illinois, and I would love to use your 100th day power point next week. When I click on link, it takes me to TPT, but I can't locate this particular power point. Can you plz send me a direct link and then I can purchase it and use it!:):) achase1270@hotmail.com. Thanks!

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