May 18, 2012

Boomwhackers Resources Courtesy of Music Therapist Kat Fulton

Picture of Boomwhackers
I follow a lot of music therapists in the blog world, since I regularly teach self-contained autism classes at my current school.  Music therapists have amazing ideas for working with all kinds of people, not just people with special needs or who need "music therapy."  I think all music educators can benefit from a good dose of music therapy!  

Check Out My Favorite Music Therapists
Two of my favorite music therapists I follow are Rachel Rambach of Listen Learn Music and Kat Fulton of Rhythm for Good and Sound Health Music.  Both are extremely talented musicians, composers, arrangers as well as therapists!  Please check out their sites and I highly recommend you subscribe to their e-mail newsletters - they are full of amazing music education resources.

Kat Fulton's Boomwhackers
One of Kat Fulton's strengths and passions is her use of Boomwhackers in her therapy.  She shares some amazing teaching techniques for Boomwhackers through her two websites and her Facebook page.  She also arranges all kinds of popular tunes for Boomwhackers like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and Katy Perry's "Firework" (these links go to YouTube video performances of her arrangements on her SoundHealthMusic YouTube channel).

Facebook Boomwhacker's Promotion and Free Download!!
Right now, Kat Fulton is promoting her "Boomies" arrangements and teaching techniques through her Facebook page.  Click the "Free Scores" tab on her Facebook page and follow the links to watch a video and download her arrangements, teaching technique presentation, and visual aids.  I just downloaded it all myself and was thoroughly impressed!  What awesome, free resources from an expert!!  Thanks, Kat!


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