Welcome Back!

After a 11 week hiatus, I am back to blogging.  On February 15, my family of three grew by 1 more as we welcomed our son, Graham, to the world.  I have enjoyed the past 11 weeks being a mommy and spending time with our newest family member as well as my daughter and husband.  I am grateful for my time at home and I will cherish that time forever.  
But life goes on and Monday of this week I returned back to work.  And with going back to work, I have returned to Learn Me Music as well.  To my readers, I apologize for the lack of new material for 11 weeks, but in the next few weeks, be looking for lots of new posts, ideas, and material!  My time at home gave me the opportunity for lots of brainstorming and I have many great future posts and resources coming for you to use in your classrooms!  
I am grateful for many things on this day.....a wonderful family, a secure job, my health (glad to not be pregnant anymore!), the sound of children making music, beautiful spring (almost summer-like) weather, this blog as my creative outlet, my readers.....thank you for allowing me to share!  Stay tuned.... :)


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