February 14, 2014

Royalty-Free, Public Domain Clip Art

Clipart created using CLKER and PicCollage
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  As my gift to you, I wanted to share with you two of my favorite source for graphics and clipart that I use for my printables and products.


from Clker.com

is a royalty-free, public domain source for clip art.  What is so cool about this site is that the images are created by the users using vector designs.  You could actually create your own vector illustrations using this site to share with others!

The sheer volume of clipart available on this site is pretty incredible.  It is the first place I always go when creating my products, maybe because I am cheap, maybe because I am resourceful, maybe because I am lazy!  I'm not sure what is true but I do know that I love this site!!!


I also love the free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android called PicCollage.  Its also free and its great for creating your own images.  I use this app more for things like above, for "catch" images.  Its a great app.  Check it out!!

Created Using PicCollage


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