March 6, 2015

MIOSM: Music in Our School Month Resources

Happy March and MIOSM, everyone!  This year in particular seems to be an important Music In Our Schools Month, as it is the 30th Anniversary of celebrating music education in the schools across our country.  Music In Our Schools Month is a music advocacy initiative supported by NAfME (the National Association for Music Education).  To read more about the initiative and ways you can celebrate MIOSM in your school and community, visit NAfME's MIOSM page here.
To celebrate MIOSM here at my school, Clark Creek Elementary STEM Academy in Cherokee County, Georgia, we created our own music advocacy posters to hang in the main hallway of our school.  Here are some pictures of the installation:

I traced some large letters for "MIOSM" on butcher paper (TIP: If you're not an all-star freehand letter drawer, no worries! Project a word document using a projector onto your board, covered with some butchers paper, and trace!!  Perfect letters everytime!).  Then I hand wrote the words "Music In Our Schools Month" on each letter, cut out, and laminated.
The student posters are a variety of colored pages from some templates I created:

  • An acrostic with the letters MUSIC that students can add their own words for the 5 letters in the word "MUSIC" (adjectives, music terms, etc.)
  • An acrostic with the letters MIOSM for the words "Music In Our Schools Month"
  • A template that has this year's MIOSM theme:  "Music Makes Me __________" that students can design, color, and illustrate

  • A template that says "I {heart} music because...." that students can design, color, and illustrate
You are free to "steal" my ideas and make your own templates for students to color.  Or if you don't have the time, hop over to my TeacherPayTeachers store and get the templates already done for you!! They are on sale for a limited time this weekend (3/6-3/9/15) so hurry!!   

In addition to these posters on TpT, I have teamed up with roughly 40 other music TeachersPayTeachers sellers to create 4 A-MA-ZING eBooks to celebrate Music In Our Schools book.  These eBooks are filled with teaching tips, resources, games, and other kinds of other goodies.  I am an author on the third book, Instruments of the Orchestra.  And best of all.....they're FREE!!  Yes, 100% FREE!  You can't not download them if they're free.  They will be released on each of the 4 Mondays of March 2015.  Links are below as they are released!  



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