March 25, 2016

"Mon Papa" French Folk Song Orff Arrangement and Some Updates!

I am so excited to share some news here.  Recently, I submitted my resignation from my current teaching position, effective at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.  I am going to take time to be home for my family, to keep our household in order, to take a breather in life, and to focus on my children and husband.  It was a terribly difficult decision and one I prayed and breathed in God's Word for many days and weeks.  I truly love teaching music, I love the students I teach, and I most definitely love the teachers I get to work with everyday.  What a true blessing!  It was the right decision to leave but that never makes it any easier.  I am grateful for my twelve years as a public school teacher and I am even more grateful for this new opportunity.  And I will make it the very best I can, glorifying and honoring God in all that I do.

In the news as well, Learn Me Music will now be on YouTube at my very own YouTube channel, Learn Me Music.    I am so excited to be producing instructional and educational videos on my products at my TeachersPayTeachers store as well as digging deeper into techniques, strategies, and tips for teaching music to young ones!  What a joyous and challenging job us music teachers have!  I am hoping that my channel will give music teachers a go-to resource when the lesson plan idea bank is running dry or you're struggling with how to approach a concept or topic.  This is the newest and latest development in a continuing story that I am happy to share with you!

Here is my first in a series of Orff arrangements I will be publishing.  I started small and simple but this is just the beginning of my ideas!  So stay tuned!  Follow, subscribe, like and comment!  Let me know what you would like to see or what topics you would like me to share!