March 30, 2016

New Blog Background!

I have always wanted to create a custom blog background for here at Learn Me Music.  But it was always slightly intimidating and involved way too much HTML coding for my comfort level, if you know what I mean!   So I stumbled upon this excellent tutorial for creating a custom blog background using PicMonkey by Ashton at Something Swanky!  It was super easy to follow with very clear screenshots for extra-detailed instructions.  

I had completely forgotten about the gem that is PicMonkey.  If you have never played around with it, I highly recommend you take a look and waste spend a couple hours some time experimenting!  It has many features that are completely free which is what I used; however they do have some more custom tools for a yearly paid subscription.  Depending on how often I use PicMonkey, I will definitely consider paying for the upgraded version!   


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