Welcome!  My name is Claire and I am a former K-5 general music teacher, turned homemaker.  I am also a blog junkie, tech geek, mommy, wife, gardener, cook, hobbyist photographer, and aspiring organizer (happily living in semi-chaos). I love my crazy, busy, creative life!  
I created Learn Me Music as a way to share my experiences and classroom resources as I teach the best art in the world to amazing students - music for children!  There is nothing more wholesome, innocent, creative, and uninhibited! 
Professionally, I have taught general music to kindergarten through fourth grade for 10 years.  I earned a B.Mus in Music Education from the University of Georgia in 2004 (Go DAWGS!!)  and later a M.Mus in Music Education from Auburn University in 2007.  
I am honored this year to be the Teacher of the Year for Clark Creek STEM Academy!  What an amazing and humbling blessing!  I work at an amazing school with amazing educators and students!  

I love working at Clark Creek, a state of the art elementary STEM academy in its 3rd year.  STEM is the concentration of learning in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  This is right up my alley and I am super stoked for what the future holds.  What a gift to be able to teach music in a creative-thinking, problem-solving, and technology-rich environment!
Enjoy following my journey through music, technology, and education.  Ask questions, make suggestions, leave comments, follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and as I hope, find something to incorporate into your teaching/life/classroom!  Thank you for your visit!  --Claire

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